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About Nusantara Money Transfer

AUSTRAC 100250240. Fair Trading registration number: BN 9855 5639. ABN 9536 5087 674.

Nusantara is an Indonesian word for 'archipelago'. It defines what Indonesia actually is, which is an archipelago made up of more than 13,000 islands. Its relation to our business is, it reflects our ability to transfer funds to most corners of Indonesia.

Nusantara Money Transfer offer an easy way to receive and transfer money with extremely competitive exchange rates, great service, and most importantly our priority on safety.

A great way to transfer money exclusively between Indonesia & Australia. If you are outraged by overblown bank fees, time-wasting-international-mainstream-bank transfers and poor exchange rates, switch to Nusantara Money Transfer. We dare you to compare our rates and the rates of the big four banks in Australia.

Transfering your money with us is easy, very inexpensive from only $5 per transfer from Australia, and most importantly, safe. With our same day transfer service promise^, you can be sure to transfer your next fund with us. All transfers from Indonesia are free. Register with us and start saving!

We are able to charge such a low service by offering an online based transaction and we do not take cash transactions. Which means we are not require to rent out an office. We pass this savings on to our customers. We are fully registered with AUSTRAC (Australia's governing body) and the Fair Trading of NSW.

Remember, your first transfer to Indonesia with us, is always free!



Muhammad Basuki



^some conditions apply, please call us for conditions.